Your partner in critical care”

AHC is an Australian family owned company, with a 23 year history working with healthcare providers in the public and private sector. Formerly known as Australian HealthCare Solutions it changed direction and began trading as AHC Solutions in 2008.

With a new and refined approach, we only partner with manufacturers of the highest quality ventilation and transport medical devices, bringing intelligent, safe and easy to use solutions to all critical care areas of health and retrieval.

Our principal partners include:

“providing intelligent ventilation solutions for all of your patients- from neonates to adults- and for the ICU, emergency department, MRI suite, and for transport”

One of the leading global providers of neonatal ventilation and high frequency oscillation products. Care of neonates is a highly specialised area, which is why we are the only company to concentrate exclusively on this particular niche.

“Nobody knows more about neonatal transport than we do”



Infant Life Support   SLE Ltd have been designing, developing and marketing Infant and Neonatal ventilators, since the first day that Neonatologists, and Infant Ventilation specialists, began to demand something special for ventilating tiny patients with very delicate lungs.   Infant ventilation is not merely a sub-speciality of Paediatrics, it is a highly specialised area that requires devices specifically designed with the infant in mind, and the specific demands of the infant lung physiology.   Many thousands of SLE Infant Ventilators are now in use, and have provided respiratory support and assistance to millions of respiratory compromised infants, in all corners of the globe.   SLE uses a unique Valveless Technology to ensure excellent pressure waveform delivery, accompanied by low expiratory resistance.

International Biomedical4

International Biomedical's reputation in neonatal and pediatric care comes from a combination of innovative healthcare products, passion for quality, and dedication to personalized service. Entering a new world can be tough. It certainly can be for the youngest (and earliest) of International Biomedical's patients. Their business focus makes them flexible and nimble, able to adapt more quickly to customer needs and be more dynamic in ability to deliver the most effective medical products and services.